An emotional touch in every purchase!

This is a new way to buy gifts!

You can purchase a gift in without knowing the gift-recipient’s size or color preference, nor his/her shipping information. Additionally, you may record a video message directly from the store to generate an e-gifting emotional experience.

Based on your selection, we could send an email directly to the gift recipient with a link to the landing page, where she will watch the video message and see the gift. Or, we could send you the email so you can decide how to share the link to the recipient, ex: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, among others.

If for some reason the product went out of stock or the gift recipient prefers another item from, we will give her a gift coupon code for the full gift amount.

Connect and create emotions following the next steps:

1. Give any of our products as a beautiful and emotional e-gift and connect with your friends, relatives, coworkers, etc.

  2. Record and send a video to the gift recipient. 

3. Buy without asking for size/color nor shipping information. This will be adjusted by the gift-recipient. 



  1. ‘Buy as a gift button’ on our product page. Don’t worry; you will get to customize it.
  2. When the gift-buyer clicks on it, a pop-up will appear, and he/she will get to record or upload a video for the gift-recipient directly from our store.
  3. Choose how to digital deliver the gift (Ex. Facebook, Email). We add the product to the cart, so you continue to checkout and pays. (Note: You don’t need yo pick a size/color nor input shipping information.)
  4. The gift-recipient receives a beautiful surprise as a landing page where he/she will watch the video and see the gift. Now, he/she can choose her size and color preference and give her/his shipping information.
  5. If the e-gifts recipient prefers a different gift, then he/she can click on ‘get a redeemable gift code’ to automatically get a discount code for the full gift amount to use it in your store.